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Military News Fate of Cryptocurrency in Iran Hangs in Balance - Financial Tribune (October 19, 2017) Iran Wants to Develop Its Solar Market With Foreign Help. More... 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While spare on details, the overall thrust was clear: A Biden administration would prioritize the Iran deal as a centerpiece of its approach to the Middle East. Foreign Affairs Deutsche Bank Handling Oil Transactions Again - Financial Tribune (October 23, 2016) Iran Digital Currency Regulation on the Way - Financial Tribune (June 14, 2017) French carmaker PSA to stop Iran operations - DW (June 4, 2018) Tehran Stocks Top Key Level, Doubling Since First Virus Case - Bloomberg (May 9, 2020) Iran-Austria Trade to Bounce Back - Financial Tribune (May 10, 2017) -David Hambling, Forbes 03/25/21, 10 Must-See Shows from Middle Eastern Galleries You Can View, Over the past year, the art world has made a conscious effort to highlight voices beyond the narrow confines of the West, amplifying unheard voices and moving away from the long-dominant white male gaze. Branstad signs bill limiting investment in Iran - Chicago Tribune (April 20, 2011) - NPR (July 16, 2015) German Minister Heading to Iran, Siemens Hopes for Rail Deal - Financial Tribune (October 19, 2016) CBI: No Rise in Interbank Rates - Financial Tribune (February 22, 2017) "Since its creation, this university, the intellectual capital of the Sassanid Empire, has been a major center for producing knowledge, a truly universal forum for science. 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Shanghai Organization's expansion should include Iran - Russian diplomat - TASS (June 7, 2017) Exports of NZ lamb to Iran not until next season at the earliest - Silver Fern Farms - Stuff (March 23, 2017) CNN Commodities Mehr News Alireza Abiz' "Censorship of Literature in Post-Revolutionary Iran" - Qantera (February 5, 2021) Iran just struck a hoard of deals with Iraq, and Washington isn't happy - CNBC (March 20, 2019) Iran Clamps Down On Dollar Trading In Fresh Attempt To Bolster Rial - Forbes (March 1, 2018) Iran finalizes agreements with German, Swiss insurers for coverage on transactions - Xinhua (October 26, 2016) Iran Investment Potential Over $3.5 Trillion - Financial Tribune (September 24, 2017) It sounds like the beginning of a joke but in reality, that's what happened recently in a Clubhouse chatroom discussing whether or not the hijab should remain mandatory in Iran. 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Korea - The Hankyoreh (February 26, 2021) Oil & Gas Journal Iranian budgetary dispute simmers - BBC (March 7, 2005) Gov't to Earn $2.5b From Forex Revaluation - Financial Tribune (September 11, 2017) Economic News Agency Iran Inflation at 25-Year Low May Spur Rate Cut to Boost Growth - Bloomberg (June 21, 2016) Then What? India pushes ties with Iran; hands over cranes for strategic Chabahar Port - Economic Times (February 1, 2021) Sports News Rail Revolution to Boost Trade, Investment - Financial Tribune (May 11, 2017) Search Results Canada to lift sanctions against Iran, foreign affairs minister says - AFP (January 26, 2016) 'Friends from Russia should have advantage in the Iranian market' - Iran's ambassador - RT (February 17, 2014) Iran seeks billions from Deutsche Börse Luxembourg unit - Handelsblatt (January 18, 2018) Concerns Mount That U.S. Rules Are Impeding Western Investment In Iran - Fortune (April 14, 2016) Six Foreign Companies Defied US Sanctions to Trade With Iran in 2015 - Sputnik News (January 14, 2016) Why a luxury-shopping revolution is coming to Iran - BBC (June 25, 2015) 'The Naked King': Retracing revolutions in Iran and Poland - DW (February 12, 2021) From Milan To Tehran: Luxury Fashion House Robert Cavalli Struts Into Iran Market - NPR (February 22, 2016) Efforts under way to boost Pak-Iran trade volume to $5bn - Dawn (April 28, 2017) US sanctions target Iran carrier - BBC (September 10, 2008) Tehran, Moscow to Hold Talks on Yandex Operation Renewal in Iran - Sputnik News (July 27, 2016) - NY Times (February 18, 2021) Renault to remain in Iran despite risk of US sanctions, CEO says - France 24 (June 15, 2018) Video Airbus Warns Iran Jet Deal Could Take Longer - Financial Tribune (January 17, 2018) India-funded Chabahar port in Iran to be integrated with Free Zone - Hindu Business (July 2, 2020) Tehran-Seoul Trade Set to Reach New High - Financial Tribune (November 21, 2017) Danish industry well placed to prosper in Iran - Copenhagen Post (October 18, 2016) Hyundai to 'knockdown export' Mighty to Iran - Donga (May 18, 2016) Sanctions Removal Bedeviled by Banking Hurdles - Financial Tribune (January 21, 2017) Iran launches national fiber optic network - People's Daily (July 12, 2005) Dutch Seek Increase in Economic Interaction - Financial Tribune (August 8, 2016) defense-aerospace.com Press TV Economy NPR Iraq, Iran to expand cooperation, despite US sanctions - DW (November 17, 2018) Oil & Gas Journal Britain fears Tehran block on trade - The Guardian (October 20, 2005) Election Aftershock In Corporate Iran - Business Week (July 5, 2005) HSBC criticises John Kerry over business with Iran request - The Guardian (May 13, 2016) China, Iran expected to sign 25-year accord, Iranian state media says - Reuters (March 26, 2021) Iran-backed Houthis launch new attacks on Saudi Arabia while "exchanging ideas" with U.S. - CBS News … SENA (Securities & Exchange) US blacklists Iranian state bank - BBC (January 9, 2007) Stephen Foley: Sanctions are hurting Iran - but there are ways round them - The Independent (August 7, 2012) Iran's parliament to reconsider subsidy reform - BBC (October 7, 2012) Iran Air to continue Tehran-Tokyo flights - Xinhua (September 24, 2008) IRNA PM Narendra Modi, Ashraf Ghani stress expediting trilateral pact using Chabahar - Financial Express (September 14, 2016) What will China and India do without Iran's oil? Strict New Procedures for Iran Currency Trading After Protest - NY Times (October 8, 2012) Iranian-German Committee Explores Better Energy Ties - Financial Tribune (October 26, 2017) PM to ink Chabahar pact on Iran visit - Asian Age (May 21, 2016) Exports of NZ lamb to Iran not until next season at the earliest - Silver Fern Farms - Stuff (March 23, 2017) - DW (January 14, 2021) Sweden's prime minister Stefan Löfven to visit Iran - Radio Sweden (January 11, 2017) Return to Persia: Russian Off-Road SUVs Come Back to Iran - Sputnik News (March 11, 2017) -Art Newspaper 03/31/21, Don't let facts get in the way of your pursuit for regime change, Foundation for the Defense of Democracies CEO Mark Dubowitz is best known for his leadership in promoting "economic warfare" against Iran as a means to foment regime change in Tehran or outright war with the Islamic Republic. Mitsubishi UFJ $250 mn for illegal Iran transfers - AFP (June 20, 2013) South Korean Carmakers Seen as Winners in Iran - Financial Tribune (July 30, 2017) EU Encouraging Business, Banks to Boost Cooperation With Iran - Mogherini - Sputnik News (June 14, 2016) As Iranian New Year looms, economy continues to struggle - WP (March 19, 2014) Greece Blocked EU Sanctions Renewal for Iranian Bank - Sputnik News (November 1, 2016)

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