The GAN356 XS is the speed cube that every speedcuber dreams of unwrapping. 100% Original - Shop Professional Speed Cube Online at Speed Cube Store, Magic Cube GAN puzzles are already known for being very light, and this new release is no exception dropping more than 10g from the X- weighing in at just 67g. 4. GAN Magnetic System GMS V2 -Upgrades into GMSv2,with smooth magnet capsules—one capsule and 3 kinds of magnetic force—to tune the cube by hand smoothly. Black, Stickerless. 1 year ago. Price: $59.99 & FREE Shipping. Gan 356 xs is a magnetic speedcube created by a speedcubing company called Gan.It was released in 2019. Consisting of dual numerical ipg core with numerical variable nuts which allows more flexibility to set up the cube and 6 tension levels to optimize your cube performance; Rated 5 out of 5. 3 Ratings Add to cart Quick view. GAN GAN251 M 2x2x2 Magnetic Speed Cube +2 +1. GAM Magnetic System(GMS) upgrades into GMS v2, with smooth magnet capsules-one capsule and 3 kinds of magnetic force- to tune the cube by hand smoothly. The elasticity can be adjusted to 2 strengths. Each Supernova cube comes set-up (lubrication of pieces + basic tensioning) which enhances the speed, corner-cutting, and lifespan of your cube! Configuration List:1. GAN 356 XS, Gans 3x3 Magnetic Speed Cube 356XS Magic Cube (Stickerless) 4.7 out of 5 stars 137. The MAX GAN 356 XS is a light and fast magnetic 3x3 speed cube produced by GAN. GAN 356 XS. Gift, Premium. 4.7 out of 5 stars 42 ratings. GAN 356 XS, Gans 3x3 Magnetic Speed Cube 356XS Magic Cube (Stickered) by GAN. This new top cube guarantees sharp times. GAN 356 XS VIP Card. Operation Instruction.3. Looking to stand out? Feb 7, 2020 #5 GAN 356 X Member. GAN Parts: GAN 356 X 3x3 Corner. The GAN356 X S is the newest cube in the GAN lineup (2019). As the name suggests, the XS is the successor of the renowned GAN 356 X. Rated 4.9 out of 5. GAN Bag. GAN Dual Precision System - The GAN Elasticity System have been upgraded GES Pro. The GAN 356 XS is the 2019 successor to the famous GAN356 X. This puzzle features an improved, lightweight design with adjustable magnet strength, set to medium, and a dual-adjustment tensioning system, installed with light blue tension nuts set to 1 and compression set to 3. The appearance of 356XS is the same as the 356x. 2020) 4.6 out of 5 stars 129. Rated 4.8 out of 5. Brings higher stability with higher perpendicularity and higher accuracy to cubes. The Mystic GAN 356 XS is a lightweight, fast, and innovative puzzle produced by GAN. It comes in both stickerless and stickered. Daily Puzzles made this video possible, and you should totally check their store out. Regular price Sale price $74.90 Color Variant Stickerless Black. Survey. AU$2. Colourful. Details & FREE Returns Return this item for free. The MAX GA The awesome thing thing about this cube’s corner-cutting is that it so smooth with the right tensions as the corner-cutting is not very snappy until the cube gets quite tight. The XS also holds the title of lightest GAN cube to date. Cube: GAN 356 XS 2. Sale $43.88 /piece $63.71 save $19.83 (31.12 %) Color. This puzzle features an advanced lightweight design, frosted exterior, adjustable magnets, and a dual-adjustment tensioning system. GAN Box v5.7. GAN 356 M, 3x3 Magnetic Speed Cube Gans 356M Magic Cube with Extra GES, Stickerless (ver. 5. At 10th Nov. 2019, Feliks Zemdegs breaks the 3x3x3 world record again in an average, with the GAN 356 XS, in average time of 5.53s. Features:.Brand new GAN 356 XS Speed Cube Stickerless Version Full-Bright.Great for gift and speedcubing. Cube: GAN 356 X S Vita C2. Color: Black; Stickerless ( Bright ) Clear: Quantity Qty. Operation Instruction. It's the direct successor of Gan 356 x, another speedcube. GAN 356 XS Settings Survey. If adjustable magnet strength is not a deal-breaker for you and you can deal with the factory-installed moderate strength magnets, the Air M is a great way to solve some money! The GAN 356 XS is the successor of the popular GAN 356 X. GAN continues to innovate and we see a completely different system for adjusting the magnets. Joined Aug 10, 2019 Messages 1,396 FunnyGoo Ganspuzzle GAN356XS GAN356 X S Powerful GMS v2 GES Pro Dual Elasticity System 3x3 GAN 356 X S 356 XS Magic Puzzle Cube + One Cube Bag and one Stand (Black) 5.0 … Spare replacement part for the GAN 356 XS 3x3 STICKERLESS These parts will be sold in complete pieces for your convenience. Add to basket. Specifications:.Brand: Gans Puzzle - GAN356 XS - Stickerless Version.Size: 56*56*56 mm.Weight: 67g. $59.99. Joined Feb 5, 2020 Messages 254 ... As far as I know the Gan 356XS is the first cube to be incredibly stable and fast and that is why it is my main. Don't forget the 356i - iPhone. This puzzle takes everything that was great about the X and improves upon it. It's 56 millimetres long (from there the 56 of "356"comes from). GAN 356 XS. Full-bright stickers x2.6. $34.99. 349,00 z ... Kostka Rubika Polska - Speed Cube Sklep, DOSTAWA 18.99 ZŁ. With the changeable magnets and GES nuts it is worth the price, but after I did some solves, sometimes there will be 1 or 2 corner twist. 3x3 GAN 356 X or GAN 356 X V2 or GAN 356 XS. 114 Ratings Choose options Quick view. Why we love it: - Superfast turning - Dual-adjustment spring comp GAN 3x3x3 magnetic cube GAN356 XS. Weight: 67.2g (black) Released: October 12, 2019. Rated 4.7 out of 5. Visible, quantifiable tuning system, and no more additional tools needed. GAN 356 XS Cube - The GAN356 XS is the successor to the popular GAN356 X.Includes an adjustable magnet system, a dual-adjustment tension/compression system, and an all plastic core that significantly reduces the weight of the puzzle. Black. Description ; Reviews 0; There are no reviews yet. Tired of dealing with the hassle of setting up your own cube? The GAN 356 XS is latest flagship 3×3 cube from GAN. OHTERS. Spare Stickers (stickered version). GAN 356 XS Limited VIP cards.4. The Gan 356 XS is capable of almost 55 degrees corner-cutting with ease. Quantity +- Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/dt/www/wp-content/themes/Parallax-One-GANcube/header.php on line 181 6. AU$36.50. This cube is a great speed as it is not overly fast and is quite controllable. Package Included:.1 x GAN 356 XS Speed Cube Stickerless Version Full-Bright The GAN 356 XS is new flagship of GAN Cube. The gan 356 X is a smooth and controllable cube. You can return the item for any reason in new and unused condition: no shipping charges This 3x3 includes innovative features from GAN, including their on-the-fly magnet swapping system, a brand new, easy to use tension adjustment mechanism, and a lighter core. This is achieved by a new, reinforced plastic core. G356XS: Net Weight 68 g: Item Size 56×56×56 mm: Gross Weight 270 g: Package Size 121*85*79 mm: Special sales during COVID-19 crisis. It can directly change the magnet. The Official Website of GANCUBE. GAN Accessories. 3. Please select your desired piece from the available options Speed: 4.5/5. It's called "356" xs because it's a 3X3 Rubik's cube (from there the 3 of"356" comes from). The GAN 356 XS Magnetic 3x3 is the 2019 flagship from GAN. The GAN 356 XS(67g) is lighter than 356x (81.1g). Would you rather relax knowing that your cube was set up by a professional? AU$88. Free returns are available for the shipping address you chose. 41 Ratings Unique Design [IPGv5] Devived from the original GAN core, combined high strengthened light blue plastic and steel screws. You must be logged in to post a review. Configuration List: 1. Now GAN just needs to release a 356 … Weighing in at only 67g, thi Be the first to review “GAN 356 XS” Cancel reply. Because the core is made of plastic, the cube is considerably lighter than its predecessor. Thread starter LNBFilms; Start date Feb 7, 2020; Feb 7, 2020 #1 LNBFilms Member. 60feedbacks 30584views. If "yes", you have come to the right place! Super Light GAN Cube - Gan 356 XS is a product with all lightweight designs, and weight only 67g, achieving the lightest handfeels to speed up your solving with ease. The GAN 356 Air M 3x3 is a stripped down version of the flagship, GAN 356 XS. Brand Name Gan Puzzle: Item No. GAN 356 XS Speed Cube Stickerless Version Full-Bright. 1 x GAN 356 XS Stickerless Speed Cube 3x3 1 x Operation Instruction 1 x GAN 356 XS VIP Card 1× Blue bag 1 x Tutorial 1 x Center cap 1 x Set of Ges Nut Upgrad Into GMS v2. This puzzle is lube Price. GAN Bag.5. Just got an XS, and was wondering what settings people used. GAN GAN 356 XS Magnetic Speed Cube +2 +1. Its magnets are set to medium with light blue tension nuts set to 1, and its compression set to .